Hammer Happenings of the Week

This past week has been completely unscheduled and it’s been wonderful. We had to turn down some invitations and ask family to wait a while before visiting again. It’s the first time in the past two months that we’ve had nothing planned. Weekends here are usually spent with family or friends, or running around to

First 911 Call Out of the Way

We usually like to keep our posts short and sweet, but this post will be a bit longer since we haven’t posted in a while. The past two weeks have been busy around here. Jason has been away on two business trips. The first one was to Utah and the second to California. I stayed

2 Month Review

Wednesday July 15th marked our two month anniversary of becoming a family. The past two months seem like they have flown by. However, our life before Xavier, when it was just the two of us, seems much further in the past than just 2 months.
Xavier recently had his one year check up. He weighs 22

11 Months Old

Xavier turned 11 months old on the 12th! He’s getting bigger, more talkative, more outgoing, and more adventurous each day. I’ve been wanting to post an update about life in our home for while, but lately I have been finding it’s getting harder to do. Hmmm, I wonder why? Life is definitely busy here, but