2nd meeting with Xavier

We had our 2nd meeting with Xavier and it was amazing. This time they left the three of us alone for 40 minutes. He was wonderful during our time. He was a little fussy towards the end and started to look for the foster mother, but he never cried.
He calmed down when his foster

Wandering Day

Since we don’t see Xavier again until tomorrow, we had the day to ourselves. We are loving Seoul. We walked up and saw Gyeongbokgun Palace. We then walked through Bukchon, a trendy yet historical district of Seoul and then through a great park.
Tonight we are going to walk to another area of town for

State of Delirium

It’s 5:30 AM here in Seoul which means it is 3:30 PM back home. Jason is still sleeping so I decided to use this quiet time to write another post since yesterday’s was so short. I woke up at 3 AM because I am too excited and nervous about our meeting today. My mind is