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Last Week of August Fun

We played the harmonica, a lot…

We walked with Great Grandma’s cane…

We climbed and played at the mall…

We played outside with pots of water…

And we swiffered the floor!

Rockford Air Show

On Sunday we took Xavier his first air show at the Greater Rockford Airport with Grandma and Grandpa Mack. It was, however, not my first air show. My dad took me and my brother to many air shows while growing up. He’s a retired engineer in the aerospace field so he loves planes. Jason is

First Hair Cut (in the U.S.)

I took Xavier to get his first hair cut today. Well, it was his first hair cut in the United States. He had his first hair cut when he was with his foster family in South Korea. They cut his hair as part of the Children’s Day celebration over there. Luckily, they gave us a

Summer Days

Our summer seems to be flying by! Ever since Xavier came home we’ve been busier than ever. We’ve been to some fun events and have also been visiting friends and family. This past weekend, the Hammer side of the family went to Schullsburg, WI to wish Xavier’s Great Great Aunt Marion a very happy 90th

Our Musical, Animal-Loving Boy

We continue to get comments on how wonderfully easy Xavier became part of our family. His personality and interests fall right in line with mine and Jason’s. It’s as if he’s been here from birth. He’s already musical and continues to show a love for animals, especially his dogs. The video below highlights his budding

Chicago’s Korean Festival

Today we took a trip into the city to attend the 14th Chicago Korean Festival. It was a very HOT day, but we were able to have a great time despite the heat. We went to the festival with 2 other Lifelink families from the Rockford area. It was well worth the trip just to

First 911 Call Out of the Way

We usually like to keep our posts short and sweet, but this post will be a bit longer since we haven’t posted in a while. The past two weeks have been busy around here. Jason has been away on two business trips. The first one was to Utah and the second to California. I stayed