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2009.09.01 - 1

This past week has been completely unscheduled and it's been wonderful. We had to turn down some invitations and ask family to wait a while before visiting again. It's the first time in the past two months that we've had nothing planned. Weekends here are usually spent with family or friends, or running around to the next event. Not this past weekend though, we spent much needed quality time together as our family of 3 right at home.

We decided we needed some quiet time after a friend's blog about attachment had us questioning Xavier's own attachment process. We're concerned with Xavier's willingness to approach strangers in certain situations. We're not willing to take any chances so we're stepping up our efforts on getting him attached to us and we've already seen results - especially with his affection towards us.

Xavier is progressing in other areas as well. He continues to grow healthy and strong. We stand in disbelief as he tries to grab the door knobs because it was only 3 1/2 months ago when he could barely touch them with one finger. I've already packed away some shoes and clothes that he no longer fits into. While I'm happy he's healthy and growing, it makes me a bit sad to realize how fast babies really do grow up.

Part of the growing up process is teething. Xavier is going through a rough teething phase right now. Two of his top molars just pushed through and now all 4 eye teeth are coming in at once. I feel bad for him because he's obviously in pain. He pulls on ears and will lay down and fuss. It's been the cause of unrestful naps the past 2 days. I'm hoping the eye teeth will push through quickly and that the next teeth will wait a while before showing.

His personality shines through more and more each day. He has a sense of humor that cracks us up. He knows I laugh each time he looks at me upside down through his legs (picture below). So now all I have to do is say "upside down Xavier!" and he flips into position instantly.

He can be a bit naughty - I love it! He learned quickly what is okay to touch and what is hands off. The hands off items are most intriguing to him and he pushes those limits. The dog basket of toys is definitely hands off. He'll squat down right next to it and look in saying "no, no." Our dog Bear has one particular favorite toy, a hedgehog that he suckles for comfort (yes, he's weird). Xavier has been drawn to this toy since we brought him home. Everytime he goes for it I say, "that's a doggy toy" and I put it in the basket. Now that Xavier is walking he is sometimes too quick for me and he gets to the toy first. I was nervous the first time this happened because Bear loves this toy. Xavier walked the toy straight to the basket and dropped it in! Bear then pulled it right back out. This is now a daily activity.

We mentioned in the past that Xavier shows enthusiasm for animals. He still does, but his latest interest is vehicles. He loves vehicles of all kinds, especially trucks. Garbage day is a very exciting day at our house. We sit by the window and watch garbage trucks roll by. It's great entertainment. He likes to admire our neighbor's red pickup truck too. When we're outside he'll walk over and examine it like he's thinking, "Sweet ride. I wonder how much horse power this thing has," or whatever boys say when they talk about trucks.

Currently his favorite book is "My Big Truck Book" by Priddy Books. He'll hold one of our fingers and use it to point at the pictures as we name each truck. Jason and I both love that he wants to sit on our laps and look at books. He'll pick up a book and bring it to me while signaling that he is going to sit right on me. It's a great time for cuddling.

One more note on our kiddo. He loves music. He can play a mean harmonica for a one year old! And the kid can dance! Two songs that always get him moving are "Victor Vito "by Laurie Berkner and "18 Wheels on a Big Rig" by Ralph's World. Since he loves music so much, I decided to enroll him in a music class. We start next week. I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Elizabeth Frick says:

    What a cutie! I was cracking up over this statement of yours: "When we're outside he'll walk over and examine it like he's thinking, "Sweet ride. I wonder how much horse power this thing has," or whatever boys say when they talk about trucks." I love that you don't even fake knowing what boys say about cars. 🙂
    As far as attachment, you know my feelings. We APs can never work too hard on it. The work we do now will benefit us and our children in SO many ways as they grow up. I definitely agree that ready willingness to approach strangers is a big concern. And it's so, so hard to teach little children that. All of American society tells us to raise friendly, outgoing children. But for an AP, it's a nightmare. We try so hard to keep our kids close to us and to recognize that not everyone is trustworthy or of great import in their lives.
    I could go on and on but don't want to monopolize your comments on this topic!
    You're right - it is so fun and yet so sad to see them grow. It all happens way too fast, doesn't it?!
    Oh, and I love that he's such a manly little man 🙂

  2. findingoursunshine says:

    ditto on Elizabeth's comment - isn't she great??!!

    the pictures are a hoot! i like the one where he is looking under the truck. too cute!

    i can't wait to see our boys play together next month! (and i agree - they are growing up fast!)


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