Summer Days

2009.08.17 - 1Our summer seems to be flying by! Ever since Xavier came home we've been busier than ever. We've been to some fun events and have also been visiting friends and family. This past weekend, the Hammer side of the family went to Schullsburg, WI to wish Xavier's Great Great Aunt Marion a very happy 90th birthday. Below is a picture of X and Jason with Grandpa Hammer and Aunt Marion.

2009.08.17 - 2
When we are not at a new event, we're at home playing. We've been going outside to play everyday. Xavier is really enjoying the outdoors. He gets upset when he sees that the dogs get to go outside and he doesn't. His favorite thing to do outside is to push his cart around our neighborhood block while picking things up. He is starting a very nice collection of natural objects which I think is so great.

2009.08.17 - 3
2009.08.17 - 4
2009.08.17 - 5
2009.08.17 - 6

When he is not outside, he wants to LOOK outside. He likes to look out our front windows while watching cars, birds and squirrels go by. In the second picture below he is actually pointing to the Northern Cardinal perched on our light!

2009.08.17 - 7

2009.08.17 - 8


  1. findingoursunshine says:

    it is so cute that he pushes his cart around the block and picks things up! what a sweetheart!

  2. Cori says:

    These are great pictures! Isn't it funny how our kids seem to pick up some of our passions.


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