State of Delirium

It's 5:30 AM here in Seoul which means it is 3:30 PM back home. Jason is still sleeping so I decided to use this quiet time to write another post since yesterday's was so short. I woke up at 3 AM because I am too excited and nervous about our meeting today. My mind is racing so sitting down to type is a bit calming.

Anyway, more about yesterday. My brother and his wife drove us to the airport which was so great. They flew to Rockford to see Xavier. Turns out they were a week too early, but they were able to share in our excitement in another way by escorting us to O'Hare. At O'Hare everything went well, no complaints. Our flight was nice, but the whole time we kept thinking about the return flight with should be interesting.

When we landed in Seoul, we got off the plane and had to wait in line to have our temperature taken. Thank goodness we passed, we'd hate for swine flu madness to delay this meeting any longer. Everything else at the airport in Seoul went quickly and easily; customs, baggage claim, currency exchange, etc. After picking up our luggage we exited and saw a crowd of people. There was a man in the crowd holding a sign that said "Hammer." He was the driver from ESWS (Eastern Social Welfare Society, the adoption agency here). He drove us and two other couples to our final destination for the day. The two other couples (one from Virginia and the other from Michigan) are adopting through a different agency than us, but they are also meeting their babies today around the same time. It was an hour drive from the airport so we all chatted about our journeys up until that point.

Once we arrived at our hotel (which is really nice) we were in a state of delirium. Neither one of us could really think clearly so we checked in, picked up some food from a restaurant downstairs, showered and crashed. Jason is still out cold. At one point during the night we both woke up and became confused about the date and time. I started to wonder if we had slept through our meeting. We got up and checked every clock and then logged onto the computer to see the date. We finally realized it was midnight and we had only been asleep for 3 1/2, were we confused.

Well, it's almost 6:00 AM now and pretty soon our alarm clock will be ringing. Time to get ready!


  1. emily says:

    so, i'm starting at your beginning.
    i LOVE that we were in korea so close in time.
    i'm just getting started with my reading... i'm feeling all nostalgic now!


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